Orthopedic mattresses

“A gift of health for your back”
When purchasing any orthopedic mattress, receive an orthopedic pillow as a gift. Provide yourself with ideal sleep comfort while saving on components!
“Special offer for housewarming”
When purchasing a double orthopedic mattress, receive a 20% discount on the second one. Make your housewarming party even more cozy and comfortable by choosing from a wide range of orthopedic mattresses for the whole family.
"Upgrade your sleep with benefits":
Exchange your old mattress for a 15% discount when purchasing a new orthopedic mattress. Get better quality sleep while saving on bed upgrades.
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Orthopedic mattress “Healthy sleep” (size: 90×200 cm) 

2750 T

Orthopedic mattress “Extra comfort” (size: 120×200 cm) 

3850 T

Orthopedic mattress “Lux Comfort Plus” (size: 140×200 cm) 

4850 T

Orthopedic mattress “Prestigious morning” (size: 160×200 cm) 

5650 T

Orthopedic mattress “Royal Premium” (size: 180×200 cm) 

6750 T

Orthopedic mattress “Elite Comfort” (size: 200×200 cm)